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Diagnostyka Laboratoryjna -Journal of Laboratory Diagnostics is the official journal of Polish Society of Laboratory Diagnostics published since 1965. It is the only Polish journal presenting articles in various subject areas of clinical biochemistry, among others:

  • medical analytics
  • clinical chemistry and biochemistry
  • haematological  and  coagulological  diagnostics
  • immunology
  • microbiological diagnostics
  • molecular biology
  • quality control, laboratory automation systems, interpretation of results

Diagnostyka Laboratoryjna
-Journal of Laboratory Diagnostics publishes solicited  articles, original papers (laboratory - clinical and experimental  as well as concerning methodic issues), review papers (mostly from centers specializing in a given field), brief communications on preliminary results of studies, assessment of reagents, measurement apparatuses, recommendations of scientific societies and expert groups, letters to the Editors,  information on the activity of the Polish Society of Laboratory Diagnostics,  world literature review, information on the use of the Internet in laboratory diagnostics, instructional materials, comments on the published papers, reviews of books, and announcements. The published papers are intended to reach diagnostic laboratory professionals, doctors, students.

Since 1992, the Editor in Chief of the journal is Prof. Jan Kanty Kulpa  Ph.D.

The Journal appears quarterly, in print and in the e-version.

Diagnostyka Laboratoryjna -Journal of Laboratory Diagnostics is an open-access journal and does not charge readers for access to the full texts of the articles.

Indexed in: AGRO, Polish Medical Bibliography, Index Copernicus, Ministry of Science and Higher Education (MNiSW)

Index Copernicus - 78.28 (2017)
MNiSW - 10 (2015)

ISSN  0867 – 4043
Circulation: 3100 copies

Unauthorised publication of a whole or part of our journal, in any form, without prior obtaining the Editors` consent is forbidden.

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